Today i have been tagged by Eff for this Liebster Award yang aku rasa macam takkan pernah ade ending nye even da ade anak 25 cucu 18 and cicit 10..hahaha just joking, tak logik lah kan kalau now i am going to answer all of the questions given and create new questions to be tagged to other who gonna be my victim, we will see let's start it !

So this is my beautiful and 'really hard' answer :

1. 3 words that describe you.
- friendly, touching and stubborn.

2. What is your favorite nickname? and why?
- Syafiqah, Syaf and Ika..haha so many right? I think those nickname suites me.

3. Recommend for me movie yang interesting. Nak tengok masa cuti hew hew hew.
- X-Men maybe. i think that movie is quite awesome

4. Recommend for me a song yang interesting. ( dalam kata lain lagu fav lol )
- hani and zue biar. this song is very deep and sharply suites me.

5. Five things to bring bila nak keluar rumah.
- for sure it will be handphone, purse, earphone, watch and last but not least bag.

6. Describe your ideal bestfriend.
- pfttt! secret hahah.

7. If you had chance to go travel, which country would you like to go?
- Paris, Australia and Japan.

8. How long have you been a blogger?
- 3 years 6 months.

9. What is interesting of being a blogger?
- a silent diary, ease to express your feeling and also get some opinions from other bloggers.

10. Ever been in a relationship? How does it feel when having them?
- things are getting worse and complicated. Hard to describe my feeling and never in a relationship. Crush 

11. What was the best mommnet in your life?
- wechat. bahahaha just joking. Seeing my parents happiness opkos.

The lucky nominaters are : 
Fawwaz Ameer | Yuka | Fara Izati | HunHan | Adam | Teddy | Aizan

Questions for the nominaters :
1. Your first crush.
2. Do you have a pet? Why do you have and why dont you have it?
3. What attracts you to become a blogger and blogging?
4. What are you going to do on this school holiday or semester break?
5. Love to buy online stuff? Why? Give me your favorite online shop.
6. Your favorite blogger. And please write the link.
7. What will you do if your bestfriends have a scandal with your boyfriend? omg!
8. By knowing that you have many haters, what will you do instead.
9. Love chocolate? What is your first impression when you know that cadbury is haram?
10. Selfie? Always and with whom.
11. How my blog looks like in your beatiful eyes. ahahahaha