Okay once again I have been tagged by this Syakirah for this award. haha korang ni macam tau je yang aku suka gler liebster award ni tapi kalau da selalu pun malas gak kan..heheh.

1. What is your name?
- Full name or nickname? okay it is Syafiqah but just call me Ika or Syaf.

2. Name your bestfriends. Write what you guys want to say to them.
- Actually I don't have any ideal bestfriends because errrr..idk

3. Do you love k-pop? Why? If not, what do you like and why?
- I don't love kpop but I do know something about them. t-ara maybe or f(x) hehehe xD

4. You have crush? Do you dare to write his name here? keke
- Heeee yes I do. his name?! I wont dare but he is just a sado person for me heheheh

5. Do you like to watch korean variety show?
- Nope.

6. What do you think of my blog? Can give me some advice?
- Emm your blog is just nice. nothing more to change but maybe the background? huhuh but dont worry it still looks cute.

7. State 2 of your big wishes.
- i) being a good servant of ALLAH, daughter, person and maybe as a wife
  ii) achieve succesful in this world and hereafter.

8. Your favorite things.
- Horror novels! hahaha

9. If you have a chance to meet your favorite artiste, what would you do?
- Errr i dont know. Only know your action if you're in that situation.

10. What your ideal type? keke tell me tell me. I can find them for you lol
- Hmmm what is it ea? I will tell you later okay. hahax

11. Do you love your school? Why?
- Errr to be honest i think students just love to go to school bcs of friends right? hehehe
Okay at last i am done answering. quite difficult to think the answers. still kena perah otak hihihih.

tagged : Syuhada | Fisha | Rasya | Sakina | Hafiezah

Questions for you :

1. Your favorite food.
2. Characteristics of your future imam. Give me three.
3. Know something about kpop? 
4. Five words that describe you.
5. What will you do if you are stress or angry?
6. Tell me your favorite bloggers and why do you like them.
7. List of things to do during school holiday or semester break.
8. Expert in playing guitar. Since when? Who taught you?
9. When do you start blogging and how long have you been a blogger?
10. Have been in a relationship? How does it feel belong to someone?
11. Full birth date.

note : Tell me if you done answering. i would like to know your answers. hehe