Saya promote je ye awak. tidak kreatif nak cipta quotes and nak explain. good luck!

How to enter :

1. Follow her blog Infinite Love
2. Make one entry entitled "Segment Let's Inspire Others!! by Kyna"
3. Put the banner above in your entry, make sure you link it.
4. You can choose to do either of this three suggestion, she'll warmly welcome if you want to do all of these:
  • Inspirational picture with caption. The caption must not exceeding 15 words and can be in any language (make sure you translate it in malay or english) then explain a little bit about the pic and your caption
  • Inspirational quotes. It can either be in any format (dialogue etc.) in any language (translate it in malay or english) then explain a little bit about the quotes how it inspires you
  • Inspirational book. A simple essay why the book inspired you, not more than 50 words. (either in english or malay)
    5. Tag at least 3 of your friends and make sure they know it.
    6. You can put the link of your entry in the comment box. She will updated the list of the participants so you can check them out!

    List of prizes:
    • One fixi or malay or english novel (you can choose the genre)
    • Full make up of your blog
    • Blog review 
    • Be in her "Killing Time" list for a month
    • Haruman Luqman perfume
    • Lycra dark blue dress (M/L)
    • 3 flower brooches 
    • A flower crown
    • Full series of Harry Potter movies 
    Receivers of the prizes are officially secret. Batal segmen kalau kurang penyertaan tauAnd also there will be three winners and one top referral .

    Any question, you can ask her. go to her blog okay.

    Le' Questions :

    Q : three winners? random or pemilihan ikut karya kreatif?
    A : pemilihan ; first, second and third winners, one top referral 
    and one amazing-choice-of-heart-winner. yang ni rahsia tau. lol.